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EmOx Oxygen Unit

Each emOx unit consists of a nylon carry bag, a specially designed plastic cylinder with operating instructions and a built-in humidifier, 3 x 15 minute white powder applications plus 3 activator catalysts, a face mask with a 1.5 meter tubing and a water measuring bottle.  The total unit weighs a mere 2.3Kg.

It takes less than 30 seconds to activate the user friendly emOx oxygen system, and delivers oxygen for approximately 15 minutes with an oxygen purity in excess of 99.7%. 


If more oxygen is required, empty the residue and repeat the activating procedure.The feature of this system is that you don't have to depend on gauges to determine the amount of oxygen, as one can physically see how many 15 minute applications are available and there is no danger of the oxygen having leaked out while not in use.

Refill powder packs consisting of 4 x 15 minute applications are available which eliminates the cost and inconvenience of sending cylinders to be refilled. 

emOx is a product that is developed and manufactured in South Africa, which is designed to be reliable,dependable and safe at all times for any emergency situation until professional medical assistance is available.

Our products are FDA approved, along with countless amounts of certification - all available on request.  

NAPPI CODE: 429106